I am planning on returning to work on Monday the 29th. I am a little anxious still but when I look at other states and Brazil, it isn't so bad here in Michigan. We have seen 7 straight weeks of declining numbers. Brazil has almost one million cases and yesterday there were nearly 35 thousand new cases reported. In Rio, they "expect a human catastrophe of unimaginable proportions." They could surpass the United States in infections and deaths but the end of July. Why? Because they still do not have a plan. Their plan so far is digging mass graves. They expect to lose around 4 thousand people per day.

But really, with states like Florida lying about how bad it is int their state, it's hard to believe it won't find it's way back here.

People keep saying they see the second wave coming but the first wave still hasn't ended. It wasn't popular but the Governor's actions saved lives.

I would still like to see more people wearing masks though.

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