Don't worry East Lansing... You aren't on the target list.
Detroit, Kalamazoo and Warren will be targeted this weekend for jaywalking. That doesn't mean you should be walking around East Lansing this weekend looking to break the law! Nobody wants to go down for jaywalking... "What are you in for?"

Targeted for jaywalking? It's a pretty serious contributor to accidents. If you have ever been to a live event, you know you have to be on your toes for some drunk idiot running into traffic. Some people have the mentality, "as a walker, I have the right of way." When they have had a few drinks, they are even more empowered.

Yes, it's true. Pedestrians do have the right of way but you can be right AND you can be dead or seriously injured.

There is a big game this weekend and thankfully East Lansing has police manning the main intersections keeping people from just walking out in traffic.




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