Medical Marijuana patients rejoice! Your favorite Lansing dispensary MAY be open again soon. The State is allowing TEMPORARY facilities to reopen and allow them to purchase marijuana from caregivers NOT just commercial grows.

The medical marijuana board has extended its grace period for license applicants to March 31, 2019. This is a stop-gap measure that would get provisioning centers open again while the state works on licensing.

The move will keep money off the black market. One of the reasons it became legal to begin with. Of course, you may want to have your stuff tested because we recently heard in Lansing some pretty SH**TY pot was sold.

Many people think this is all about money and a lot of it is but offering a safe place for people to get their medicine, where it doesn't offend an opioid slinging pharmacy, is good for everyone... Except BAD guys.

There were 72 THOUSAND opioid overdose deaths in 2017. 2018 could be even higher. Click here to see that. 

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