There's a new trend making its way through the Twitter-verse.

This latest trend is all about calling out things that are immediate "red flags". Something that someone does or says that instantly makes you say, "Nope, uh uh, see ya".

That's gonna be a red flag for me, dude

These red flags range from the mild white lie to the outrageously blatant falsehood. Here's a couple for example:

It definitely seems like a lot of things can be a red flag. Which got me thinking...what could be some red flags from someone claiming to be a Michigander?

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Michigan Red Flags

If you're really from Michigan, we can tell. If you're not, you might be able to pretend for a little while, but there are some things that you might do or say that would totally give you away as not actually being from Michigan. Some statements might be a bit more negligible than others, but all of these statements would throw out immediate red flags for any true Michigander. Take a look through the list below and tell us what you think. Are there any red flags that you can think of that didn't make it on to the list?

19 Red Flags to Watch Out for From Anyone Claiming to be a True Michigander

If someone says any of these statements to you, run. They are not a true Michigander, even if they claim to be. Now, some of these statements may seem innocuous, but really they are HUGE red flags to anyone who knows better.

If you hear anyone claiming to be from Michigan spout any of this nonsense, run. You are probably not talking with a true Michigander, only a poser!

Are there any Michigan red flags that you can think of that we may have missed? Let us know by sending us a message with the station app.

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