Well, first it was "Right To Work" that got Michigan Democrats and Union Workers hot under the collar. Now, WLNS.com reports that Michigan Republican Lawmakers have just made life even more difficult for unions and workers.

For the straight news point, click this link to WLNS.

For the real deal with no kid gloves, here is the gist. Scabs don't have to be told their scabs by employers looking to replace striking workers. And, protests and demonstrations that are deemed "illegal" by the same group of rich-friendly lawmakers that have succeeded so mightily in pulling the wool over Michigan's blue-collar public can now result in steep fines for strikers and unions supporting such demonstrations. And, by steep, we're talking to the tune of $1,000 per day for individuals, $10,000 for the union or organization supporting striking workers. Jail time and additional fines are also possible for individuals that block a driveway or roadway.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for these working man's benefits to kick in, jobs to return to Michigan, and taxes to be lowered. Oh, wait, the latter did happened for the state's elite! My bad...what was I thinking??