Don't you HATE getting busted for driving like an jerk? Well, they are looking for jerks over the next few weeks. They are the Michigan State Police and they are stepping up traffic enforcement until July 14th. So, if you are a speedy speederson, lane shifterson, or time terrorist... Look out! Really, they are looking for impaired drivers.

The Feds have warned about a domestic terror threat for the 4th of July... Click here to see that.  

I have never seen anything like Michigan. People drive slower in the summer than when the roads are icy in the winter. MAYBE because some are so crappy? But there is an epidemic of idiots on the road. Road raging people who treat their vehicle as a weapon. As soon as you go to pass a slow vehicle, they speed up.

I hope everyone of these specials receive a ticket for America's birthday!

Be nice on the road. You are representing Michigan.

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