We are unfortunately seeing another surge here in Michigan, we’re number one in the U.S. for Covid-19 infections right now. The big difference we’re seeing from the other surges we’ve seen, is the age group being affected. It’s not people over 65, it’s mostly younger people being infected right now with a very aggressive strain of Covid-19. With adults age 16 and older now open for vaccination, MSU is being very aggressive in getting their students vaccinated. They have sent emails to students with all the information they need to get vaccinated and where. Many have expressed excitement to get the shot. In a recent MSU survey 80% of MSU students want to get the vaccine.

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Graduate student Bailey Ruedisale said, “I think there’s a certain part of the environment you’re missing out on with the college experience by being isolated and not really getting to meet people and interact with people and just getting to know people in general. I think that’s definitely been taken away from everyone.” While Purdue and Kroneman understand the community needs to reach herd immunity first, they’re optimistic about being able to live the real college life for their sophomore year. Students Sara Purdue and Marie Kroneman expressed excitement to get the vaccine.

These students are looking forward to being able to participate in some normal activities like tailgates or parties. Sports is also something they are excited to see coming back and are hoping for more fun in the next year.

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Students say getting a job has been hard with all of the hiring freezes, but they are hoping the vaccine will help change that. Ruedisale also stated that “this year compared to years past has been completely abnormal.” That’s a statement I think most of us can agree with. None of us have ever experienced a year like 2020. But it’s exciting to see the positive interest most college students are showing in getting the vaccine.


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