Let's face it, it was another very disappointing loss for the Michigan State Spartan football team over the weekend. It was bad enough that it wouldn't stop raining during the entire football game. We lost to Penn State by a score of 28-7.

Mark Dantonio has to know that this isn't working. This is more than player execution or tough weather or a wicked three game stretch.

According to the Lansing State Journal, he has to know that he needs new help and ideas to get things done or that it's time to let someone else have a go at it.

However you look at the big picture, the MSU football team needs to get their game plan together. The Spartans are now 4-4 for the football season. This week is another bye week for the team and probably a good time as any to focus on plays and defense.

The one thing you cannot do is be all over the place on the football field.

When benching a senior quarterback in the eighth game of the season is your best idea to jumpstart the offense, you're out of ideas.

The Michigan State Spartan football team still has time to put their game plan together with several games left in the season. Never say never and GO Green!




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