Have you ever seen a town name and started giggling like a school girl? Michigan offers a few. We have guys names Burt and Romeo. We have ladies names Chelsea, Alma, Ada and Temperance.

We have a Christmas, a Paradise, a Vulcan and a White Pigeon.

But we also have some "huh?" names too if you look around.

It will take you about 4 hours to get to Dick, Michigan. It's located in the Upper Peninsula. Hell gets all the LOVE but until 9/30/2020... I had no clue there was a Dick, Michigan. Some people could live their entire life and never see Dick. Sad.

Dick exists. You can click here to see and read more about Dick. I'll flash you the brief Dick history. The Dick Post Office was established back in 1904. It stood for nearly 12 years with mail service to trout lake. Spoiler alert:

Most people around here know about Hell. Most have even been there. But there are more naughty names.

I still laugh when I hear Grass Lake.

Jugville almost made the list but I couldn't keep the picture clean. Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments.

Gay, Michigan almost made the list but I don't do Gay jokes. I actually have a menu from the Gay Bar.

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