Road rage is road rage wherever you go...but Michigan winter road rage is a whole different breed.

I'll be the first to admit, I have road rage, I got it from my dad for sure! However, mine is more just screaming at people from the inside of my car, the occasional tailgating and the rare "flicking" of the bird. Most of the time, people probably don't even know I'm raging, it's just more of some catharsis for me.

I think "Michigan road rage" comes from the fact that many of us here have experienced winter, we know how to handle it and we are confident in our abilities and our vehicles. However, we also have no patience for people who are not these things.

While sharing the roads with road-ragers can be scary, at least you weren't in this situation where a guy literally SHOT at someone!

According to MLive the whole situation went down on I-94 near Detroit over the weekend and all happened over some "harmless" brake-checking.

It all started when the shooter did a brake-check in front of another car, so naturally that car retaliated by passing and brake-checking them back which must have made the person who started it all really angry because they decided to pull up next to the car and shoot!

MLive says the shooter fired between two and three shots into the victim's passenger-side door but thankfully, no injuries were reported.

They say the investigation of the situation is still underway but let this be a lesson to all...if you're going to rage, be smart about it! You never know what the person in the other car is, for one, having a rough go of things or, for two, has a weapon on them.

Drive safe out there friends!

While "gun" may not be on everyone's winter supply list, here are a few things we are sure are on every Michigander's:

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