A potentially deadly situation has been averted as a woman from South Rockwood, Michigan has been arrested for allegedly trying to hire a professional hitman to murder her ex-husband. Michigan State Police are saying the 51-year-old woman, Wendy Wein allegedly contacted a fake website called www.rentahitman.com and tried to esquire about a consultation to help with her issue after filling out a service request, stating her ex-husband was the target.

I need to write that again so you all can grasp the full stupidity of her alleged actions. SHE WENT TO A WEBSITE CALLED RENTAHITMAN.COM. Seriously. She actually went to the site and thought murder for hire was a real, legal thing that would fly under the radar of the internet. Wow.

Luckily, the owner of the website saw the application and probably thought, "Wait a minute, is somebody actually THIS f****** stupid?" Yes, most likely. The owner contacted Michigan State Police obviously over the concern that Wein was trying to kill her ex-husband, according to a report.

Naturally in sting operation style, a state trooper went undercover and posed as the hitman and met Wein in a parking lot in South Rockwood. She offered him $5,000 to "wack" her ex. She even gave the trooper up front payment and travel expenses, as her ex-husband lives in a different state. She was later charged with Solicitation To Commit Murder and is currently in the Monroe County Jail. Rentahitman.com has apparently prevented more than 130 murders since starting the website in 2005, and refers all requests to law enforcement.


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