People sure are entitled these days and feel like they can get away with anything.

I saw this Facebook post from my buddy Devan who works over at Kia of Lansing last week.

Wow, this is really sad and upsetting. Terrance is one of the nicest, caring people that I know. He is a previous co-worker, and still a great friend. It’s sad that we’re in the year 2019 and things like this are still happening. The way he handled the situation explains his character. The way this person handled the situation explains hers. I’m sorry this happened to you, buddy.

Terrance Smith used to work at Kia of Lansing, was working in Lowell when a lady allegedly came in for a trade in and wasn't happy with the offer. So, she hit Terrance and used the N word. Now, she is being charged with ethnic intimidation. Click here to see that story. 

What year is this? I met Terrance on a few occasions while I was there broadcasting live. Devan nailed it, this incident says more about his character than hers.

Rise above the haters, trolls and negative souls.

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