We all dream of winning the lottery.  I am a big fan of the scratch off's and even won a hundred bucks a few weeks when I first got into town. I basically buy one when I hit the grocery store or stop for coffee in the morning  The most I ever won was $2500 in the Michigan lottery playing their Fast Cash game.  It's fun and you never know when it's your lucky day!

How about this? A Marquette County Woman was playing the Michigan Lottery's diamond payout online game according to Mlive and misread her winnings. I myself play sometimes, and there's a bunch of games you can play randomly. It's like being in a casino. Michelle 52 thought she won $250 and later put on her glasses and saw it was $250,000. WOW talk about a surprise! She said she's gonna share with her family and save the rest.

I love good lottery stories. One of my favs was when I worked in Philadelphia, a New Jersey Grandmother stopped at the same convenient store every morning and hit for a Million on a scratch off. Later she revealed that her own kids and grandkids managed to manipulate her and get most of the winnings. Well guess what? She went to the same store six months later and did it again. She won another million and there were only five million dollar winning tickets in that game in the whole state and she won two! What are the chances? This time she didn't tell her family and kept it for herself!

Do you have any good lottery stories? What's the most you won on a scratch off?

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