I found you a job. No, seriously. I know how you like to ski and you're pretty good on skates and I know you were all geeked up when hockey came back. So, guess what? Some family in ASPEN, Colorado wants to hire you to teach their kids to play hockey and ski. And they'll provide a car and a phone and ski passes. And they'll pay you close to $100,000 a year. Yeah - and all you have to do is make sure their two-year old can skate like the Wings' Dylan Larkin and body check like Niklas Kronwall.

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According to a post on CareerBuilder.com, a family in Aspen is looking for a "life coach" for their three young kids, ages 5, 3 and 2.

In the section labeled "What we're looking for" - these are the first four items:

  • Bachelors degree in Psychology, Counselling, Education or related field
  • 2+ years working with children as an athletic coach, teacher, summer camp coach etc
  • Current/Former student-athlete in college hockey
  • Moderate to expert skier


  • Enjoys being part of a team
  • Mission driven and deeply moved to help people transform their lives
  • Unequivocal excellence
  • Continually strives for perfection
  • Wins

So, what they're truly looking for is a former Navy SEAL or member of Delta Force.

I don't think these kids will be watching much "SpongeBob".

Call me when you get the job and I'll come visit.

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