Michigan-born astronaut Christina Koch has been in space for a long time. She's already set the record for longest time in space by a woman and when she comes back next week, she'll have been in space only 12 days short of the overall record - held by Scott Kelly. And what does she want when she gets back? According to MLive.com, it's chips and salsa.

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FYI - you can't have food like chips on board the ISS, because the crumbs will clog up the equipment. (This is why I never became an astronaut)

After many milestones, like the first all-female spacewalk, Christina will come back in a Russian capsule on February 6th (thank goodness we're getting close to not having to rely on the Russians much longer). She'll land in Kazakhstan (very nice) with two other astronauts - and then go about the business of re-adapting to life on Earth. She says she's used to using Velcro to hold things in place so they don't float away in zero-gravity, "so I hope that when I go back to Earth, I don’t accidentally drop things, especially when I’m handing them to people.”

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