The weekend of August 13-15 is the date to mark on your calendar for the Annual US-12 Heritage Trail Garage/Yard Sale.

All along US-12, 180 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit, vendors will be all up & down the roads selling their treasures, collectables, crafts, household items, clothes, vinyl records, food.....if you can name it, you can find it here.

You'll find vendors any/everywhere along the road: in their yard, a parking lot, a field, a farm, a business, a sidewalk, a truck or van...nothing goes untouched, nothing is too out-of-place for a sale.

Even though it's not until August, there are COVID safety precautions that will be taken, so you won't have to worry.

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If you're gonna plan for more than one day, there are motels and places to camp. Did you forget to pack road munchies? No sweat. There will be PLENTY of food trucks, roadside stands and restaurants along this historic route.

How historic is it? Most Mid-Michiganders know that US-12 used to be an old stagecoach route in the 1800s, and an ancient Native American trail way before the 1700s. But did you know the trail goes back even further? It goes as far back as prehistoric times! According to the US12 Heritage Trail website, “paleontologists from the University of Michigan have excavated portions of the longest mastodon trailway ever found, suggesting that game animals were using the corridor over 10,000 years ago”.

So not only will you find tons of cool stuff, but you'll see a LOT of history and historic buildings along the way.

Mark it down: Fri-Sat-Sun, August 13-15. Check out their webpage for more details --- also if you wanna have your own sales spot along the route!



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