There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving Diet Coke, I myself have been transformed into a "Diet Coke Person" but what does that even really mean?

What it really comes down to is there are people who enjoy a nice, cool Diet Coke and then there are the people who simply cannot function without them.

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I don't blame anyone who has a bit of a "vice" especially when I'm someone who has been drinking coffee every morning since the sixth grade.

However, Diet Coke people are just seemingly a different breed. Diet Coke is their go-to, they drink more Diet Coke than water on a regular basis, they live and breathe the Diet Coke life.

My mom is a Diet Pepsi person which, admittedly, I think is gross because I simply hate it but when my boyfriend and I moved in together I saw what it truly meant to be a Diet Coke person.

That man hated coffee for a while but would start every day with a D.C. every meal featured Diet Coke as the guest of honor and now I am on the slippery slope to becoming one of "those people."

Between the two of us, we have since had to make a pact that every time one of us goes to the store and they have Diet Coke, to just pick some up because we are bound to run out eventually.

What really got me thinking about this was the fact that Best Life recently reported a study that found Diet Coke to be the most unpopular "soda" in America.

When I tell you I was shocked, nay, BAFFLED by this...I mean, maybe I am just biased considering I have many Diet Coke purists in my life but I could not believe it.

There are so many people I know who have a D.C. in their hands at all times and are still able to go right to sleep at night like the caffeine in it keeps them just awake enough to function as long as they want. How is that possible?

I am absolutely dependent on caffeine and even I can't have a Diet Coke within three hours before going to bed or I'll struggle to fall asleep.

Like I said, there is just something special about Diet Coke people and even if the rest of America might disagree with them, they are built different and nothing will stop them.

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