Michigan Schools sure ain't what they used to be.

They began in small log structures, local houses, then on to the classic one-room schoolhouse.

A small wood-burner in the back of the room for heat.
One teacher for a class of children whose ages ranged from five thru teenage.
Inkwells imbedded in each desk.
Hickory branches on hand to punish any unruly child with as many whacks as the teacher felt necessary.

Oh, yeah. Many a student – boy and girl – got whippin's and spankin's from the teacher. Tardy? Talking during class? Chewing gum? Drawing pictures? Fighting at recess? All reasons for a good whack. That has all changed, along with the school buildings themselves.

Taking a look at the photo gallery below, you'll see many past Michigan schoolhouses, classes, and teachers, that possibly will give you an idea what these old schools were about. The schools in the photos go as far back as the mid-1800s. Many of them still stand – some made into homes, some museums, and some shops.

So take a look at these old schools... maybe you or an older family member were a student in one of 'em!


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