Hello. I hope you are well. My fake radio name is Joey Pants but my real name is just Joe. Ever since I was a 10 year-old, I have suffered with migraine headaches.

One day when I was a kid, my mom loaded us kids up in her Dodge D-50, a little truck. My brother in the front passenger seat and me and my sister in the bed of the truck. My mom took a piece of carpet and put that in the bed behind us for some padding if we did get in an accident.

We took off and about a mile from my house a car pulled out in front of us. My mom t-boned him with the truck. My sister and I impacted the back of the truck bed so much, we left indentions. The first thing I remember hitting was my head. When I opened up my eyes, I watched the world go from focused to blurry and have needed glasses ever since. I have also had migraine headaches ever since. I believe my PTSD started that day but I also wonder if I didn't develop CTE that day too.

Even as a teen, I took some pretty heavy painkilling drugs for it. Stuff people would pay money for but NOTHING can touch these headaches. The only way I feel better is to vomit. The headaches get so bad sometimes you find yourself praying for it all to end. I mean, it all.

For sometimes years at a time, they go away but they have come back recently worse than ever. I assume it's from all the time I spend staring at screens and being frustrated by technology.

A friend of mine said, you sure do miss a lot of time at work. I have done shows with migraines I can't even remember. It's hard to entertain when you can't see or want to hear.

There are all types of migraines... Click here to see the list.

The top things I have found that cause migraines for me are:


Causes of migraines

#1. Heredity. My mom had them. My grandmother had them. I have them. (Return of the Jedi reference)

#2. Dehydration.

#3. Stress.

#4. Staring at computer screens.

#5. Wearing headphones for 5 hours a day.

#6. Old high school football injuries.

I haven't taken a painkiller in many years. Other than drugs, how do you combat the effects of migraines? I seriously would love to know.

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