If you ask anyone that knows me, I have a penchant for obsessing about the most random things in life. My most recent is to what is going on with the new design of milk containers. Can someone please explain this new rounded design and what benefits it may actually have? It doesn't hold any more or less than a standard US gallon. It doesn't seem to have any new ergonomic benefits. And it surely doesn't pour any better onto my cereal when I am the first one to use the new gallon of milk. So why the design change?

It's not as drastic as buying milk in a bag from the local QD back in the day. When you could stack the wobbly half-gallons in your refrigerator and pray that thy didn't leak. And for Pete's sake, don't make the hole to big with the scissors. When that happens it comes out gushing like the Hoover Dam just exploded! That is of course, you managed to cut the tiny hole on the other side to ensure a free pour of milk. And you better drink it fast! Not being able to close the holes lets lots of funky odors from leftovers in and makes it taste bad. I'm glad those days are gone.

I am sure the astute listeners of WMMQ will have the answers I am in need of knowing. Until then, I will locate a grocer that still carries the old fashioned jugs because I fear change.

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