There was a huge mafia bust last week covering 5 states and 40 dudes. Click here to get the full story. 

Some of the charges were racketeering, extortion, loan sharking, smuggling, arson and gun trafficking. Sounds like the golden ago of the mafia. Back when the nicknames were so good, you would overlook the criminal acts.

The old-school nicknames like "Lucky," "Crazy Joe," "Sammy the Bull" and the "Dapper Don". A couple of these nicknames involved were "Rooster," "Tony the Cripple" and "Mustache Pat."

Click here to see some of the greatest mob nicknames ever. Like "Baby Fat Larry" and "Johnny Cash."

Frankie Fingers is my all-time favorite.

Irony: Carmine "The Cigar" Galante was killed in a restaurant in New York. When the FBI came to photograph the body, there was a cigar in his mouth and a lighter in his hand. Perfect timing? Or a sick mafia joke?