Only a despicable person would lock their children in a hot car while they got their hair done, My mom was a beautician and I know sometimes getting a woman's hair done can take at least 2 hours. There is no telling how long these kids had to sit in that hot car but as you will see in the video, it's long enough that a store owner noticed the children screaming and crying for help. This is one of those stories that takes away your faith in mankind... Then returns it.

Click here to see the full story from the Detroit Free Press.

A few months ago, I had it happen to me in Howell at the outlet mall. I parked and waited for Mrs. Pants in the car. As I sat there, I heard a child crying. The window was cracked and for 10 straight minutes I heard this kid screaming for mommy. I tried talking to them from my car but it really didn't help for long. As we left, I saw a police officer and told them where the kid was parked and crying unattended. I wanted to wait there and ask her what kind of human being exposes their child to society and just leaves them there to cry, while they do their shopping? A really horrible human being who doesn't deserve to be a parent.

Showing this kind of disregard for another human being is despicable. Showing this kind of disregard to your own children is a crime against nature. I am happy those good Samaritans were there to show the children at least someone in this world has a heart.

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