One of three main activities being a Lansing "Northsider", bowling at Spartan Lanes was a top priority. Having left behind a miserable effort of bicycle BMX racing at Jack Pine Lodge, and Cub Scout Softball long gone, bowling was it!

Meeting early on Saturday morning to roll three games with the Peanuts, Preps and Juniors, was a big event! Pockets loaded down with quarters for Missile Command, Joust and Galaga just after leagues was essential too. And if you missed breakfast, no worries! Hot fries from the alley grill were there as well. Just 50 cents for piping hot french fries that you could only eat with the hand opposite of that golden throwing hand.

Long before it was Connextions, it was first Timber Lanes, then Spartan Lanes when my old friend Frank Stevens took it over. No matter how embarrassing the photo, you can always remember something good from that time. "Northside Against The World!"