Over the weekend, a little time spent with my in laws, proved to be another not only fun, but somewhat history filled adventure.

Like me, father in law Garry Smith, loves hitting garage sales and picking old barns. While up north, we came across a typical garage sale located in a small residential area. While looking through the miscellany, I noticed a stack of signs that were propped up on a cabinet in the back. Of course I asked if they were for sale. After coming to an agreeable price, I purchased them What was to emerge from the dirt and old wall paper, turned out to be a little bit of Mt. Pleasant history.

Of the four pieces, a little cleaning revealed half signs from Twist's Bakery and Johnson's Garage. A couple of businesses that date back to the late teen's, early 1920's. The other two pieces went together to form one large sign. A one of a kind piece that was made for Geo. W Miller & Son. A place that apparently sold and serviced automobiles of the time. Cars like Oldsmobile and the "Elgin Six." Michelin tires and Radium Storage Batteries of Saginaw, MI, are also prominent on the sign.

Although we have already had numerous offers for all of these great signs, the plan is to keep them right here in Michigan. Specifically, with me. These are just small reminders of a lost era in Michigan's history and an even greater memory for the people of Mt. Pleasant.

I have since reached out to the local historical society to ask if any more info about these businesses could be shared.

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- Duran

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