Anyone who has kids, especially special needs kids, has been keeping a close eye on how children are responding to COVID-19. There are the "COVID Toes" to look out for in children. Then, this pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome. It has been found in over 100 kids in New York and has killed three children. It's also been found in 14 other states and Europe.

So far, there are over 20 reported cases of this here in Michigan.

Doctors say, something is making the immune system overreact and cause widespread inflammation. They say it it presents similar issues as Kawasaki disease. It has effected kids and adults up to 21 years old. Click here to see more.  It puts to bed a theory that young people and children are immune to the effects of COVID-19.

Michigan has had 4 straight days with under 500 people testing positive. Wednesday it was under 400. Hospitalizations and deaths are down and experts are calling for a sharp drop in deaths for June and July. Still, it is spreading in Kalamazoo and Kent counties but Michigan currently has few "active" coronavirus cases than Florida. Just under 21 thousand people currently have the virus here in Michigan. Ohio is at 20 thousand. Wonder if Cedar Point will be opening soon?

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