After My Honey got home, he checked the spot in the yard where he's found morels the past couple of years and JACKPOT! He walked back in the house with his hands full of the new plan for dinner, which he sauteed up with some greens. Pretty damn fantastic.

He was told a couple years ago that when you soak the mushrooms to clean them, you should take the water in which they were soaking and toss it back in the area to spread the spores around in hopes of propagating more of the coveted fungus. Seems to have worked.

Of course, I can never find the treasures. My foraging adventures last until I get too hot, bitten by mosquitoes or get distracted by something else. Reminds me, too, of hunting for wild blueberries when we were kids; worst torture in the world for me.

It was my sister, who lives in the woods, who reminded us to look for the morels, so he sent her a picture. Here's her bounty so far this year. Wah wah.

Courtesy Photo
Hart Photo

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