Practicing social distancing can be hard for people who love to get out and do things but in doing our part, we can save lives and maybe even re-discover some hobbies!

This weekend, the boredom really settled in for me and Jordan.

With me working from home and Jordan being off, it's safe to say we have gotten plenty of time together.

While he plays video games like Fallout, his VR games and iRacing, I realized I did not have many hobbies to keep myself occupied...or so I thought!

Our new house is less than a mile down the road from his parents' (where we've been staying) so we were able to get down there, get some work done and I grabbed my curse word coloring book!

Yes, I went through a phase a year-or-so ago where I loved those coloring books for adults with various patterns and I splurged a little to get myself one loaded with profanity.

Never, and I mean never, underestimate the therapeutic powers of coloring a pretty nature scene with "F**k This S**t" scrolled across it.

You can find the book I have, "F**k Off, I'm Coloring", on Amazon to find all of the more hardcore profane ones but I'll show you some I did this weekend I don't have to worry about getting fired for posting!

These two were (nicer) messages I had for the coronavirus itself...


While this one just seemed fun considering the song by The Lonely Island that is actually pretty fitting for our current situation.


If you are bored enough to see more of my coloring in all of it's profane glory, I have been posting them to my Instagram (story) with corresponding songs because it's something I've found entertaining!

All in all, find something to drown out your boredom with and STAY THE F HOME!

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