This weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated five years together and it is safe to say it was one of the more interesting anniversaries we have had.

I am not going to lie, it was kind of a bummer.

After our four-year anniversary last year I was nothing but excited for this year's because five years is a pretty big deal to me.

I know to some it is a mere fraction of how long they have been together but imagine being back in your 20's hitting a milestone with the person you love and how exciting and somewhat magical it felt.

Five years, for someone who is 23, is almost a fifth of my entire life. It's half a decade and I am so happy.

It is safe to say, though, after surviving years of long distance, the stress of college, me working three jobs at one point and finally landing my position here at WMMQ that also made it possible for us to finally live in the same city, quarantine was not about to hold us back.

The day started with a modern-day public display of affection, an Instagram shoutout while we were literally in the same room as each other (typical millennials, I know).

We then spent the day together doing some of our favorite things, shopping for new things for our first home together, chatting with friends and family and an awesome dinner his dad whipped up for us.

It was pretty uneventful but relaxing and love was felt all day.

Then, Saturday, we had a "couples game night" over Zoom with our friends in Lansing, Grand Rapids and Royal Oak.


All in all, it was a relaxing weekend in together and while we didn't get to do any fancy date nights or a fun trip or anything like that, there was no shortage of love and after five years, that's all I could have asked for!

If you are looking for some fun date night ideas, I know quite a few people who made virtual trips around the world and it looks awesome, check it out!

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