This year I was struggling with what to get my loved ones for Christmas, so I decided to go find gifts that may be old but are new and meaningful to them!

For years I have enjoyed checking out all the wonderful things antique stores have to offer. Luckily, two of my personal favorite spots happen to be in my home town of Jackson, Michigan!

The Antique Mercantile and the Jackson Antique Mall gave me hours of interesting fun to satisfy this old soul.

Now sometimes you find things while looking for antiques that make you chuckle or things that are just so unique you wonder how the heck you would make that work in your home!

Of course I was snapping pictures on my antique escapade and offering my own commentary (even though I was shopping solo).

I actually really regret not buying this one because when your "yee" is on "haw" all your house guests deserve to know!
I don't think this was for sale but imagine showing up to Christmas with this bad boy as a gift! You would be an absolute legend!
Of course I had to find the rock and roll booth! If any of your loved ones are classic rock or just music lovers in general, you can't go wrong with some vintage gear!
I am so excited the ceramic Christmas trees are making a comeback but you can NEVER go wrong with a truly vintage one! Imagine the memories attached to this!
I am a firm believer in the paranormal and, of course, I think antique stores all full of items with energy attached. When I took this picture the wind was making the windows creak and make crazy noises that in the moment I could only attribute to ghosts.
Even this animal skull mounted to what looks like a snow shoe got festive for the holidays!
Lastly, my favorite find of the day that I did actually purchase! The last bit on this album is George Carlin's "Filthy Words" in which we got the infamous "seven dirty words you can't say on TV".

So many items with so many stories made for a really interesting afternoon and I did end up finding some great, unexpected treasures for the last few people on my list! Next time you find yourself totally stumped, give yourself a fun, relaxing afternoon and you may just find that perfect gift.

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