Safe to say, I have an affinity for metal beer sings.

Last weekend I helped my dad hang up his collection and this week Jordan and I spent some time decorating with some of our own!

As you will see in a future video tour of our home, our decorating style may be described as "beer...but make it classy."

We have all kinds of signs ranging from Anheuser Busch, to Miller, to our Yeungling clock but our latest addition is probably one of our favorites and it features the Edmund Fitzgerald!

As many-a-Michigander knows and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum confirms, "The legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald remains the most mysterious and controversial of all shipwreck tales heard around the Great Lakes."

On November 10, 1975 the iconic ship was lost in Lake Superior with its entire 29-person crew, sparking expeditions, legends and even songs ever since.

Great Lakes Brewing Company created the "Edmund Fitzgerald Porter" to commemorate the sunken ship with the beer they call "robust and complex."

I am a big fan of porters and at one point they were all I would drink and this one is one of the best. Especially considering the history behind it.

According to Great Lakes Brewing Company, the beer has been a "12-Time Medal Winner Since 1991" so it would make sense that having a sign for it would be a big deal.

Jordan actually did not think he would win when he bid on the sign on Ebay but once he did we were so excited to get it...when we did we were blown away at how big and high-quality it was!

Maitlynn Mossolle
Maitlynn Mossolle

As we hung it next to our Michigan beer-cap holder and our Yeungling clock, the Edmund Fitzgerald has become the centerpiece of our dining room and, of course, Gordon Lightfoot played in the background.