As my dad has been off work due to COVID-19, it gave him lots of time to reorganize and partially rebuild his detached garage.

Early this winter, it got a lot colder a lot sooner than we anticipated which means the water lines to the bathroom in the garage burst and left my dad a massive project.

He had to learn how to do drywall, patch up a ceiling and re-texture it, paint the walls and more. However, it did give him an excuse to re-vamp the place and make it the man cave of his dreams.

Matt Mossolle has been collecting beer signs ever since his days 20-plus years ago working in restaurants and being in contact with beer distributors and making friends with owners of local party stores.

He has a pretty incredible collection, if I do say so myself, ranging from vintage mascots like Spuds Mackenzie, Brickyard 400 racing memorabilia and awesome limited-edition mirrors.

Beer Sign Collection

All that time my dad and I spent hanging those signs and reminiscing definitely sealed the deal for me about why I am the way I am. A beer-loving blonde who can only hope to have a collection as cool as his someday.

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