I have always loved celebrating GALentine's Day, a holiday that I found out about from Parks and Recreation, but this year we decided to go all out.

With my boyfriend out of town and my friends not really having a significant other to share Valentine's Day with, we skipped that holiday and spoiled each other for a different one.

We started the festivities with gift bags and goodies for each of us full of wine, chocolate roses, candy, socks and other fun "girly" things.

After we exchanged gifts it was time to get the party going so we hooked up the playlist I made full of the best lady jams over the ages and got the party going.

We made pudding shots and had a whole buffet of sweets and made sure to carb-load with some chicken nuggets like the real adults we are.

galday - shots

As the night progressed we made use of the banner and photo booth we set up and had ourselves a cheesey little photo shoot.

galday - banner

Later, we busted open the pinata we got that was a last-minute idea because we accidentally bought too much candy for a different pinata for our friend's birthday party the next night.

galday - cow

We don't really have a reason we picked a cow but it was cute, I really like cows and so that is just what we went with and it was perfect!

As far as how we felt the next morning, yes there were minor headaches and a definite sugar withdrawal but we had a better time than any "typical" Valentine's Day.

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