I know I am not the first to admit I have been doing my fair share of binge-watching during quarantine, my latest? "Cheers"!

To many of you, this show may be "old news" and maybe it's a favorite or maybe you have since cast it aside as one of those "meh, yeah it was a thing we watched."

For me, though, this show has brought a new flavor of comedy into my life and I am in love with it.

I have always been drawn more to comedies, ones with dirty jokes, close groups of friends and wacky situations and this show has it all for me.

The more I watch, the more enthralled I am with the characters and their stories and I can't get enough. It is such a good mix of feel-good mixed with cute little life lessons.

Some of my top thoughts while watching include:

"You know, sometimes I do wanna go where everybody knows my name...Gosh this song is catchy."

"Holy s*** that's Ted Danson! He sure has aged like a fine wine." (I loved him in "The Good Place.")

"Why do I relate to Diane so much?"

"Diane, how can you be so smart but so goofy? I think we would be friends."

"Coach is the cutest. I would sit at that bar and listen to him all day."

"Cliff's VOICE! I KNOW THAT VOICE." *googles the actor* "Holy s*** he's in like all my childhood favorites!"

"Fraiser? Like THE Fraiser? It all makes sense now!" (My parents were big "Fraiser" fans growing up.)

"I'd imagine my parenting style would be like Carla's...only with less kids...maybe as a dog parent...nevermind, but you go girl!"

And lastly, "Boy does this show make me want to find a bar I can become a regular at and make friends like this."

Many of us can probably agree some of our favorite shows have made us who we are. Whether they shaped our sense of humor, our personal style, inspired our careers or just simply gave us light and laughter in a trying time, a good show is always welcomed and I am so glad I (admittedly a little late) joined the party on this one!

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