As I was planning for my boyfriend's birthday, the last thing I needed was a cake! With all the pandemonium at bigger grocery chains, I decided to shop local and check out one of Jackson's newest bakeries!

RJ - counter

I walked in and asked if I could get a dozen cupcakes as I looked in the case to find a wide array of cheesecakes, macaroons and chocolate-covered pretzels.

RJ - macaroon

Robert told me he had just pulled the cupcakes out of the oven if I didn't mind waiting a bit for them to cool and be frosted and proceeded to tell me more about the bakery.

With all kinds of fun decor and even sprinkles on the wall, they also host birthday parties which even as a 23-year-old woman with a career, I would want to have mine there!

RJ - decor

As I was waiting I also looked at their wide array of cotton candies ranging from beer to Merlot to "Trump Hair."

RJ - cottoncandy

When I asked Robert if I could write this for a "Mosey-ing With Maitlynn" one of his requests was to mention their "insta-worthy" Crazy Shakes which feature a mountain of sweets on top of a milkshake.

Once I got the cupcakes which were birthday cake and lemon, I was ready to be on my way but was so thankful to Robert for being so conversational and really made it a fun experience, even if I was just buying some cupcakes.

RJ - cupcakes

The cupcakes were a hit at the party (a post coming later about that) and I look forward to my next visit to RJ's Heavenly Delights.

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