Yesterday, I couldn't wait to get home and watch the Motley Crue film on Netflix "The Dirt."

The acting was pretty terrible. The film seemed a bit rushed. The stories are amazing. I never knew what they all really went through. They are honest about the assholes they were. Tommy, in one scene punches a girl for calling his mother the C word. The legendary Ozzy scene was in there. A hilarious David Lee Roth scene. The movie was funnier than I imagined. Also, more tough to watch than I imagined.

I won't spoil it but the Nikki overdose is in there. The sex, drugs and rock and roll... Yup all there. Vince Neil killing a guy and doing 19 days in jail. Vince Neil's tragic loss outside of the accident. It's cringeworthy but needs to be seen. (There is a female ejaculation scene in the first half hour. These things have to be in the movie or else people would say it wasn't dirty enough.)

The best thing about the movie is the Mick Mars character played by Ramsey Bolton from Game of Thrones. Actually it's actor Iwan Rheon but he was that sadistic bastard on Game of Thrones... WAS. He got eaten by a dogs but that was in a land of dragons. Ramsey was born AFTER Theatre of Pain by the way.

Back to The Dirt, it's DAMN hard to believe these guys survived. They tell a brutally honest tale and share the hard way lessons they learned.

I came away remembering what a cool mo fo Tommy Lee is. Duran and I talked about it. Then he showed me this... DAYUMMM!

Tommy Lee is a badass!

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