Lansing Mayor Andy Schor and Public Service Director Andy Kilpatrick will be joined by other Lansing City officials to launch a series of public meetings in Lansing over the next couple of months.

The goal is to exchange information with residents about how the roads are funded, find out what road projects are planned and get feedback from community members about how YOU would like the money spent on roads, as well as give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Here's the schedule for upcoming stops on the 'tour'.


Road Map Neighborhood Tour Schedule
  • Monday, March 19 | 6PM | Letts Community Center
  • Tuesday, April 10 | 6PM | Sycamore Creek Church
  • Tuesday, May 1 | 6PM | Schmidt Community Church
  • Thursday, June 7 | 6PM | Foster Community Center

Think maybe there's a much-needed road project that's not on the docket yet? Let 'em know!

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