Are you getting ready to move out of a rental? Are you worried about how much you'll really be getting out of that security deposit you paid?

After just over six months of paying rent for a place in Grand Rapids I have not lived in full-time since starting here at WMMQ, today is a special day for me. My lease is up as of today!

COVID-19 and the "stay at home" order definitely threw a wrench in my plans to slowly move out of that place and bring all of my crap home through a couple trips up to Grand Rapids which means that the last two weeks have consisted of a lot of driving and packing for me.

We moved into that townhouse in July of 2018 and then, it was me, three dudes and a dog going into it.

Now, living with men was actually one of the best roommate situations I have ever experienced, it was so easy-going! Though, now seeing the mess left behind the other day, maybe it was too easy-going.

Paying that security deposit two years ago, I'm stuck between feeling like "wow I could really use even some of that back right now" and "eh, I haven't been missing that money the past two years, what's the big deal?"

However, we still made sure to clean as well as we possibly could and fix any dings or mishaps that could be taken out of our deposit to ease the fears that we could end up owing more money than the deposit covers.

Getting The Most Of Your Security Deposit

So, sure, maybe some of these tips may be more of ways to "conceal" damages and maybe property companies will not be happy with me because of it. However, if we are being honest here, we've all done it.

While I do think there is no real chance of me getting my full security deposit back, I know my townhouse I shared with my roommates and their dogs has a special place in my heart.

We coined ourselves "boobmates" after an unfortunate typo in the group chat and it just kind of stuck. So here's to the "boobmates" household!

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