The line had to have been close to two miles long at times as Mr. Taco opened the drive-thru on MLK in south Lansing Friday. A LOT of people waited a long time for a taste of fond memories.

Most were delighted with the fare and shared pics of their #14s, red all meats and more.

Mr Taco Tostado Shaun Henigan
Mr Taco Inside Courtesy Brian Beauchine
Mr Taco Dinners
Mr Taco Menu Board Courtesy Bryan Rial
Mr Taco Tacos Courtesy Karen Wallace

One man was not happy about his experience, as he posted on Facebook:

"So MAD not only waited patiently for a year for you to open but I just waited in line for an hour to be told at the entrance you were out of food, did not concern me that I waited in line but to not get a thing for my gas and time really did upset me,settled for taco bell was the insult to the injury. Going to be awhile before I have a red all meat and #14 Will wait and see how I'm compensated for my wasted time and gas. Sorry Bill the most important planning was not enough

Someone else's reply to the comments:

"Simmer down. Bill (the owner) owes you nothing."

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