In a public statement release Wednesday, MSU Board of Trustees member, Dianne Byrum, has called for "A full public accounting, top to bottom". Byrum states that this process is long overdue, that she supports it, as well as a change in the university's administration and culture.

Byrum states that she supports the immediate resignation of MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon as well as the impending investigation by Michigan Attorney General Bill schuette into the university's handlings of victim claims about Dr. Larry Nassar.

Byrum also says she was disgusted by comments made earlier this week by Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Joel Ferguson on the Nassar scandal and its effects on the university.

Here is the full statement released to the media Wednesday.

Statement from MSU Trustee Dianne Byrum


EAST LANSING – Michigan State University Trustee Dianne Byrum issued the following statement today:


“It is clear that the public has lost confidence in the current administration of Michigan State University, and changes are needed to move the university forward.


First, I support the resignation of President Simon, effective immediately, and I support the investigation by the Attorney General that will provide a full accounting of what happened and take an important step toward restoring trust, which has understandably been shaken.


Second, I am disgusted by the abhorrent comments made earlier this week by Trustee Joel Ferguson, who does not speak for other members of the MSU Board in any way.


Unfortunately, through this terrible situation, the university has been tone deaf, unresponsive, unapologetic and insensitive to the victims. As a woman who has always fought for womens’ rights and victims’ rights, and encouraged women in all areas, it is deeply troubling to me that so much pain and suffering has been caused by my alma mater.


A full public accounting, top to bottom, is long overdue and I support it, along with a change in the current administration and a change to the culture at Michigan State University.  We owe it to the victims, the public and ourselves to do the right thing and let the healing begin.”

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