"Gave proo...throo the nie"...WHAT?

It takes guts to sing the National Anthem in front of people. Some have become so nervous that they have forgotten the words. Fergie didn't forget the words (even though she may have taken some crazy liberties...Diddy calls it a remix lol). But some are wishing they could forget her...rendition.

Now, we understand the need to make the version your own, but there is that risk that your gamble won't pay off. Some say traditional is boring, but the looks on the faces of athletes and celebs in the crowd has us thinking they would have preferred THAT over THIS! At the 1:50 mark (above), MSU's own Draymond Green can be seen laughing and you can hear the crowd responding to his expression. Peep what he had to say about it (below) after the game (about the 1:15 mark)

And here are some of the worst renditions of the anthem EVER...enjoy?

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