I've never been quiet about my discomfort when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries and the obligations that go with them. I like to keep to myself, in my adult years, on Christmas, Easter, and other religious observances. Home is also great on Thanksgiving, where I know I won't miss out on turkey, or a single play in either the Lions or Cowboys game. But, birthdays...each year I find less of a reason to celebrate. It's selfish. But, really, I get uncomfortable with undue attention to recognize the most uncomfortable day of my mother's life.

Okay, it's dramatic. But, still, I'm uneasy with celebrating my birthday...for whatever reason. Hell, I get uncomfortable for the people at restaurants when the staff comes-a-clappin' and singin'! For eight long years, I've avoided sharing my birthdate with co-workers. I'm not one of those that says, "you know, my birthday is this week..." I really get embarrassed about it. But, this year, somebody decided that everybody's birthday at Townsquare Media Lansing was going to be recognized. And, quite frankly, I have to admit, I'm a bit humble, and quite appreciative of what I walked into this afternoon at the WMMQ studios.

Thank you, Townsquare family! I couldn't think of a better group to be around everyday. Even though you made me blush a bit today, you made me smile, too!

(But, who has to clean up all of these decorations???!!!)