I was driving to see my buddy Sparky the Michigan fan yesterday when I came across this. I almost stopped in my tracks but I had a car riding my tail. On the way home, I stopped to see if it was for real. All the way there I thought about it.

"Wow, I don't think I have seen that in years."


Someone offering free pumpkins.

I grew some pumpkins this year and planned on offering free pumpkins to the neighborhood but they didn't get very big. I thought about this person and the good they did for some people who may not be able to afford the sometimes 10 dollar pumpkins out there. I counted 24 big ones. About 50 mini pumpkins. Squash and gourds.

I won't say where it is but it's within 10 minutes of where I live. Deb asked why I didn't take one. I thought someone might need them more. I did want to stop and thank them for restoring my faith in humanity for the day.

When was the last time you saw free pumpkins? It had to be in the 80's for me.

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