As my second week here at WMMQ wraps up, I went to my first company Christmas party and it was a blast!

I have gotten to know a few of my coworkers here at the station these first few weeks and they are all so helpful and welcoming, so I was extremely excited to get to see everyone in one place.

There truly is a team mentality here, and that became even more obvious as we all bowled, ate, had a few drinks and laughed along together.

My boyfriend, Jordan, even made it out which made the night an even more perfect way to get to know everyone on a more personal level and witness some radio station debauchery!

Humor awards featuring cleaning supplies as gifts were a great way to see what each person who won was known for around the office and even our own Joey Pants was honored with the "Viva award" (paper towels) for being so full of life!

The coolest moment had to have been hearing all the good things people had to say about Joey as he was presented with the "Golden Mic Award" for all of his extremely hard work and success this year.

Also, I can now sport my awesome new backpack and over-indulge on some home-made candy, so that's pretty neat too!

All in all, my first company Christmas party was definitely a success full of great fun, great food, great people and great new (to me) friendships, and I can not wait for more!

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