We got a taste of summer this past weekend with warmer weather, and there's more on the way! Consistently warm weather will be here before you know it, so now's the perfect time to make the switch to a natural deodorant.

That's where Myro comes in. It's a highly effective, plant powered deodorant that's ready to keep you cool and feeling fresh. You'll be able to actually get out and do things this summer, and you want a deodorant that's as great as your social life is going to be!

Myro is pro-you and it's pro-planet with its plant-based formula that has no toxic ingredients. And this stuff works! It'll keep you fresh and smelling great all summer long.

Now, for the first time EVER, Myro is available at a Meijer store near you while supplies last. You can go and pick some up at a local Meijer, or you could enter to win below and get some Myro for free!

Enter to win and try Myro for yourself. You're going to love how well it works, and it's better for you and for the planet. That's a win-win! Don't wait, sign up to win now.

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