Man, I dunno when competitive eating became a thing. It's like going behind the freak tent at a circus to me. Most people believe, "Ahh I'd bet on the fat guy."

THE FAT GUY NEVER WINS! It's not real like wrestling or fixed like boxing but I guess it qualifies as a sport nowadays.

Last year, the competitive eating world was ROCKED by the upset of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut. Chestnut fell to the un-American looking Matt Stonie. (Stonie is a California kid and totally American.)

If you missed it, check it out below. They have hot women counting wieners and a dancing hot dog.

It kind of makes me sick to watch them. They called them "athletes?"

The dude ate 62 hot dogs... Will Joey take him down this year? Can't we get more women to this sport??? I know some girls...