I have a few friends who work for a local beer distributor. A few weeks ago, their Facebook pages all shared the same story. "Wow, just saw the most amazing beer sales pitch ever!" These guys see these a lot. To see more than one of them saying how great it was caught my attention.

The beer was Veteran Beer. The story I heard from 4 of the people who were at the meeting was all consistent. Some people actually were moved to tears by the presentation.

You can click their name above and go to their website.


Sure, we create sessionable, award-winning beers, created by brew lovers that worked on some of the best-known craft beers in the US. But that's just means to an end.

We were founded to get Vets back to work and help them start in again after leaving the military. So a big chunk of revenues go to Vets. And each area of our company and supply chain employ Veterans.Hence, our true-to-form name.

You could say we gave it our all -- then added great hops. So, have a beer with us."

They hire disabled Vets and offer Veterans a piece of something after the war is over.

They will be at Cooley Law School Stadium on July 22nd and I hear a rumor there may be sampling.

A little bird also said you may be able to sample some at Horrocks and also buy it there.

Another cool story is: They make those tap handles out of actual tank shells.

The beer names are Blonde Bomber- 5.0 Alcohol by Volume

Freedom Road Lager 5.0 ABV

Hooyah! IPA- 7.0 ABV.

Everyone said the beer was delicious and the story was just as good. But don't take their word for it, 39 awards won already.

As you celebrate the 4th of July with a cold one... That can may have stars and stripes but is ANY of that money going to Veterans?

You get an award winning beer, get to help a Veteran and catch a buzz. Ain't THAT America?