Kid Rock, that is!

How else would you christen a new venue that will host the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings? Not with champagne, that's for sure. And rightfully so! Kid Rock crosses many genres of music including Classic Rock!

The new Little Caesars Arena will feature Romeo native Kid Rock, for four shows starting September 12th, 13th, 15th and 16th. And considering the enormity of an event like this, one can only speculate who might show up as well.

Detroit's long standing rein as the king of locations for acts to make it big, has been the jewel in many a successful rock bands crown. And as I write this, I can still not imagine who had the narrow foresight, to allow Cleveland to break ground and lay claim to the Rock & Roll hall of fame. There is no "Cleveland Breakdown" or "Cleveland Rock City". Without Detroit, there would be no Motor City Mad Man, no Bob Seger, MC5 or Mowtown. Even Flint has given us Grand Funk Railroad and Saginaw with "? and the Mysterians."

When all is said and done, we here in Michigan know where the true heart of Rock & Roll beats!

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