Are you ready for Lansing area's first Anna's House location? The Grand Rapids based breakfast and brunch chain will open in Okemos on Feb. 4.

According to the Lansing State Journal, $550,000 was spent to purchase a 3,700 square foot former Pizza Hut off West Grand River Avenue in Okemos.

Renovations at the building were finished this month, just in time for the newest Anna's House at 1753 W. Grand River Avenue.

The motto of Anna's House is 'Saving the world from an ordinary breakfast.' Anna's House is a brunch spot with a retro diner feel that operates according to its motto.

Over the years, Anna's House staff have developed a menu that includes breakfast and lunch items without leaving out customers who have specific dietary needs. The chain offers dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian options, along with a vegan menu. (LSJ)

Anna's House has vegan eggs and vegan sausage. Basically if you're vegan and you miss getting a good old breakfast, they have a completely vegan menu for you.

How good is the food at Anna's House? Customer favorites include the eatery's twilight French toast, made with French bread that's soaked in creme brulee sauce, then baked and served with berries and raspberry melba. (LSJ)

How about their breakfast lasagne?  This is an egg casserole layered with sliced tomatoes, spinach, basil, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, turkey sausage and ricotta cheese. It's topped with melted cheddar and a bechamed sauce. Sounds delicious!

I'll see you for breakfast at Anna's House in Okemos on Feb. 4. It's only five minutes away from my neighborhood. So looking forward to it.

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