Billy Clark had an idea about how to teach his son about working for a living and being responsible. Those efforts translated into a used video game store offering up everything from Atarti to the latest and greatest generation of gaming. Gaming has been a family tradition for decades. Their son is into the newer games, Billy and his wife grew up in the Super Nintendo and Sega era. Their new store Extra Levels stocks the older games, ones you would not find at GameStop or Best Buy. He says nostalgia brings in the game seekers, his most sold item since opening is PlayStation 2, a system that was brand new over two decades ago.

If you are a gamer looking for games you played as a kid, this is the place for you. Billy enjoys seeing their expressions when they see a game they haven’t experienced since childhood. His older customers enjoy the coolness of his early collection, the younger ones are surprised at what’s there.

City Pulse reports,

GameStop is known for paying its customers dismal amounts of money in return for their used games. At Extra Levels, their philosophy is “Buy for More, Sell for Less.” Clark even posted an ad on social media comparing his prices to the prices at GameStop and Disc Traders. His rates were invariably better.

Extra Levels is fairly new, so he knows he has to work a little harder in seeking used products to put on shelves. Billy even travels to other parts of Michigan to help stock his store. He travels to cities like Flint and Grand Rapids, always seeking more interesting stuff. Finding items in their original packaging is always a goal, he tries to keep one retro item in original packaging in his store. Super Nintendo is the one on display, looks just like it would have in the 90’s.

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We all know that the pandemic has hurt small businesses everywhere. But with his product line, all the people stuck at home can find something to entertain them. Gaming is great to hang out with friends or family, and it fits well with having to remain at home.

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