A new pub going up on Michigan Avenue on Lansing's Eastside will have a name that may strike memories for baby boomers. Lansing State Journal reports that the new watering hole will be called "Rajjee's Taphouse."

Rajjee was the name of an elephant that once was a part of a travelling circus that visited Lansing back in the mid-60's. Rajjee escaped from the circus rings at Logan Square and ran free on South Lansing streets after tearing through a department store in the shopping center.

Unfortunately, Rajjee was executed by Lansing Police officers and could not be corralled. According to historical accounts, and the LSJ article, it took more than three dozen gunshots to bring down the 16-year-young elephant, less than a block away from Everett HIgh School on Fenton Street.

As tragic as the story is, it is certainly a piece of Lansing folklore. And, now, Rajjee will be immortalized on the east side of town. Rajjee's Taphouse is set to open later this year, a part of the Gillespie Group's The Venue at East Town project at Michigan Avenue and Clemens Street...site of the former Emil's Restaurant.

Coincidentally, you may remember Emil's prominently featuring brass elephants on its railings. Yes, they've been preserved and will be a part of Rajjee's new found fame and glory.

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